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Challenge Ladder Rules & Rink Layout




1.      The challenge ladder is a competition in which the names of the players are listed vertically as though standing on the rungs of a ladder.   The objective for each player is to climb the ladder by challenging and defeating players higher on the ladder.  A successful challenger moves up to occupy the position of the player who has been challenged and the loser, and those below the loser, each move down one rung to fill the empty place.  If the challenger loses, player positions remain unchanged.  To ensure a smooth operation of this event some limitations and rules have been applied as follows:


2.      There are separate Men's and Women's ladders. Minimum 16 entries are required. There is no entry fee.


3.       A player on the ladder cannot challenge any other player more than 3 rungs above, except when the player challenged is not able to play within seven days, or defaults, then the challenger may challenge the player one rung higher.   After a challenge, the loser cannot challenge the winner to a rematch until he or she has first challenged and played someone else.


4.       In the case of any dispute about the challenge or choice of date for the game or player availability to play or availability of green, the convener will be the arbiter.


5.      Players must enter their challenge on the board beside the ladder, by listing date of challenge, challenger's name, name of player challenged, date of game and result.   The challenge ladder will be posted and updated approximately once a week. Place the score cards in the envelope below the ladder.  The score cards will be used to verify the recorded results and to update the ladder


6.      Play games to 21 points but with a maximum of 16 ends to prevent long drawn-out games.  If the game is drawn after 16 ends, play an extra end.  Burned ends are played ends.


7. To eliminate the need for a marker, the rink is set out by the players, as shown on the attached diagram, using chalk and the seven metre measuring cord provided.   The jack must be placed at the far jack position point every end and not rolled.   However, the mat may be placed anywhere between the mat line and the near jack position



8.      Awards for participation will be made based on a scoring system which gives one point for making a challenge, two points for a win and one point for a loss (similar to the points scoring used in club aggregate competitions) ​9. Games should be played during normal club game times, whenever possible, to encourage spectators to watch.   

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