Pony Night

Pony Night is held every Tuesday to provide an evening of fun amongst peers for new bowlers who are learning the sport of lawn bowls. Members who have been bowling for only 3 seasons or less are encouraged to come out to Pony Night and play a game, be social and make some connections.


Pony Night promotes the opportunity to learn and practice in a supportive, social, peer environment designed to build skill, confidence and further your interest of this sport while cultivating relationships along the way. Consider Pony Night your first stop in a lifelong love for lawn bowling. 

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2021 Pony Night Convenors
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David Cottingham

Pony Night is about having some fun while playing a game of bowls. However, NVLBC also wants to invest time into new bowler's skill development so they experience some success and feel confident about taking on new challenges like club events and tournaments. Many of our club coaches volunteer to attend Pony Night, to support and inspire new bowlers, to show them different techniques or help with making adjustments in their game.  


Below are the list of NVLBC 2021 Coaches. New bowlers are encouraged to connect with a coach when they want help or advice. You will find the coaches' contact information in the NVLBC phone list.

NVLBC Coaches

John Speers - Head Coach

Rob Callahan - Juniors Coach

Harry Carruthers - Club Coach

Andrew Fitzgerald - Club Coach

Jim Fitzsimmons - Club Coach

Mike Kelly - Club Coach

Pat McKenzie - Club Coach

Bob Martin - Club Coach

Bruce Murray - Club Coach

Leanne Roy - Club Coach

John Sawyer - Club Coach

Bonnie Smith - Club Coach