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Lawn Bowling isn't just a summer activity

Join us this Fall/Winter for some fun and competitive bowling opportunities.  We will be continuing the following events through October, winter members are welcome to participate:


Men’s Triples Draw – Tuesdays 10:00AM (until October 26th)

Women’s Triples Draw – Wednesdays  10:00AM (until October 27th)

Mixed Pairs Draw – Thursdays 6:30PM (until October 28th)

Women’s Triples Draw – Fridays 10:00AM (until October 29th)

Men’s Pairs Draw – Fridays 1:30PM (until October 29th)


We will also be introducing some ongoing events starting on October 11th.  In these events you will arrange with your opposition a mutually agreeable time to play your games.  Entry fee is $5.00 per event and there will be prize money paid out at the end.  Sign up for all of them as an individual.  We will draw teams for the 100 Up and Australian Pairs. 


These events include:


Singles Bowling Event - Men

Singles Bowling Event – Women

Singles Bowling Event – Mixed

100 Up

Australian Pairs


More information about these events will be forthcoming.


Some other Winter Tournaments that we are planning are:


Halloween Draw (Mixed Triples) -  Sunday, October 31st

“Polar Bear Ice Bowl”  (Mixed Triples) – Saturday, January 1st

Valentines Day “Tournament of Hearts” (Mixed Pairs) – Sunday, February 13th

St. Patrick’s Day “Greens with Envy” Tournament– (Mixed Triples) – Saturday, March 19th


Registration for all of the above events/tournaments will be available through Eventbrite, or by contacting Andrew Fitzgerald or Pat McKenzie (Games Chairs).

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