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2021 Season Notice

March 21, 2021

President's Message:

Firstly, I would like to applaud our whole membership for coming together and continuing to operate successfully while navigating one of the most trying years in recent history. 

The past year saw us not only having to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, but also packing up our clubhouse and moving from our location of 97 years, all while planning for our new location. 

With the support of many of our club members, over 160 of us were able to bowl COVID free from June until the end of October with Phase 2 Guidelines in place for everyone's safety and fully meet Provincial Health Orders. 

We plan on operating within revised COVID-19 Phase 2 Guidelines again in 2021, which will be similar to how we left off in October. Hopefully as the season progresses, restrictions will ease up further. 


Within these guidelines we are again able to welcome new members this year, so please spread the word to your friends and neighbours about this most enjoyable sport and how great a club we have.  

Other notable events over the past year; the celebration of 97 years at our Lonsdale location which was also a farewell to the club site, an auction that was held to dispense of the greens equipment, and the move of our clubhouse contents to storage. 

With all the above behind us, we are looking forward to a new year of bowls on our new artificial turf greens, at our new location at St. Andrews and 23rd Street. 

Although we will not have a clubhouse to operate from until the fall of 2022, there will be temporary facilities for us to operate out of and we are planning to have a full contingent of events starting June 1st. 

I look forward to seeing you all on the new greens soon, 

Bruce Murray, 

NVLBC President. 

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